After the accidental death of their only son, Rita and Alfred feel such remorse that they engage in a fierce fight of mutual destruction. Guilt confronts them with a painful recognition: obsessed by their selfish little needs, they forgot to love their son.

Frost kills the fruit, but can also preserve the seed…

Director:Ferran Audí Script: Ferran Audí; inspired by H. Ibsen’s play Little Eyolf Norsk Version and Norsk consultant: Eva Mørkeset Soundtrack: Señor Viento Artistic Director: Antonio Belart Cinematographer: David Omedes Editor: Bernat Aragonés Executive Producer: Raül Perales (Alta Realitat) Co-producer: Maria Rosa Fusté (APUNTOLAPOSPO) Associate Producer: Televisió de Catalunya (TVC) Co-producers: Eirik Vaage (Frost Media Film) & Lars L. Marøy (Film Fondet Fuzz)


“Those who hold the view that no film can ever be better than the novel upon which it’s based, were stunned by the cinema version of James Joyce’s THE DEAD (Dubliners), one of John Huston’s most beautiful movies. That’s because, in general terms, film directors want to convey the story with technical and technological means far more attractive to the general public than the bare imagination from which the novel or play stems.That’s why one cannot but wonder and be moved by THE FROST, a film based on the great Norwegian dramatist Henrik Ibsen’s play LITTLE EYOLF, for allowing us to so successfully plunge into the claustrophobic and meandering world of sex relationships and the solitude of love, which the author so constantly and successfully cultivated in the puritanical Norway of the XIXth century.Ferran Audí, director of the film and the script, has understood in all its depth, with mastery skills and courage, this particular problem of personal relationships, and is also conscious that general audiences are easier moved by action than thought. He’s succeeded in dealing with Ibsen’s play not just like a repetition of the original work, but taking it from a very personal point of view which engulfs the whole story in total complicity with the original text. As an expert director of actors he’s given us an Aitana Sánchez-gijón in one of the best roles of her career, a performance where contention, violence and dramatic pulse are as overbearing as eloquent and moving. Excellent acting as well from the other actors concerned Trond Espen Seim, Eva Eklöf Morkeset, Bibi Andersson, Astrid Overaa, Tristán Ulloa and Fermí Reixach. As a whole, they all keep something of their theatrical origin, thanks to the rhythm of their apparitions and the constant connection between them. David Omedes’s photography is extraordinary, of an indescribable beauty and a luminous precision, which reconstructs the atmospheres and landscapes that haunted Henrik Ibsen’s tormented mind, and which heightens the unending dichotomy between reality and dream, pain and solace, desire and frustration which underlines the whole movie. Bernat Aragonés’s editing is so effective at times in showing the simultaneity of certain situations that it sharpens the drama, which lies in the heart of the characters, even further.

I’m not a cinema critic. I don’t pretend to be. I just go to the cinema looking for what I look for in books, in art: emotion and the always sought for conviction that they’re talking to me about something I know, about something I am. I admit I was trembling when I left the theatre.”

Spanish Writer Rosa Regàs

“Formal results and market values light years away from most movies producer over here… the light, the magnificent northern landscapes, and also the language and truthfulness if the characters: as tortured as the characters in Shame, The Touch or Secrets of a Marriage by Bergman.”

Àlex Gorina – EL TEMPS

The Frost is a Catalan production made at an international level, with a spectacular cast… Tough and without concessions… The Frost is a film which stands out thanks to a fully worked out and successful visual treatment. It plunges the audience into a frozen tone in both the content as the form of the film.”


“Good acting all round, specially Aitana Sánchez-Gijón.”

QUÈ FEM? – La Vanguardia

“The terrible story of the author of a Doll’s House unfolds before our very eyes. Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, and her stylised and almost “Lorca-esque” rendition of “lovely Rita”, well deserves this trip to the country of snow.”

Antonio Weinrichter – ABC

“Ambitious and risky… extraordinary… almost Bergman-like.”


“A drama of guilt, redemption and madness… With a flair of Bergman thanks to Bibi Andersson’s inspiring presence.”


“A larger-than-life dimension… A film of great intensity.”


“Aitana Sánchez-Gijón and Bibi Andersson… must see!”


“A rare visual maturity… Inspired by the modern narrative of Scandinavian cinema (Per Fly, Susanne Bier), Audí plunges us into the ice in order to make our blood boil.”


“A formidable challenge… A bold film willing to take risks… An admirable effort both in the modernization of the original text and the dinamization of the script, preventing an excessive theatricality thanks to the mise-en-scène… A sober and retrained narrative style… Audí takes care of his actors and is able to take maximum profit from their talent…”

Tonio L. Alarcón – DIRIGIDO POR

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