Cast & Crew


ALFRED (Trond Espen Seim)

For years now he’s been trying to finish his essay on the responsibility of man, which he sees as his life’s main achievement. Frustrated by his inability to finish the book, and under pressure from his wife Rita, he decides to give up writing and concentrate all his efforts on the well-being of his only child Eyolf. When Eyolf dies, his wrath will set him fiercely against his wife, as he turns for solace and consolation to his sister Asta.

RITA (Aitana Sánchez-Gijón)

Rita is deeply in love with her husband Alfred, but she’s jealous of his writing and also of their own child, little Eyolf. Eyolf’s threatens to utterly destroy her. Only her courage and determination to face up to the truth can save her from disaster.

ASTA (Eva Mørkeset)

Asta is a painter and an arts teacher at the local arts school. She feels very responsible for her nephew, Eyolf, and is quite critical of her sister-in-law’s upbringing of him. But Eyolf’s death will suddenly cast a new light on the true nature of her relationship to Eyolf himself, Rita and her brother Alfred.

RAÜL (Tristán Ulloa)

Raül is Rita’s brother and consequently, Eyolf’s Spanish uncle. As a computer programmer, he works at the same school as Asta Allmers. He is profoundly in love with Asta.

THE WIDOW RAT (Bibi Andersson)

This strange and freaky character seems to have cast a spell on Little Eyolf, driving him to his watery grave.

MOPSEMAND (Fermí Reixach)

Mopsemand is The Widow Rat’s companion, a misfit who seems to be the only one who can really have contact with Eyolf; and that during the story will become the mute and unmoral witness of the story as it develops after the boy’s death.


Director: Ferran Audí Script: Ferran Audí; inspired by H. Ibsen’s play Little Eyolf Norsk Version and Norsk consultant: Eva Mørkeset Soundtrack: Señor Viento Artistic Director: Antonio Belart Cinematographer: David Omedes Editor: Bernat Aragonés Executive Producer: Raül Perales (Alta Realitat) Co-producer: Maria Rosa Fusté (APUNTOLAPOSPO) Associate Producer: Televisió de Catalunya (TVC) Co-producers: Eirik Vaage (Frost Media Film) & Lars L. Marøy (Film Fondet Fuzz)